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Are you confined to the space in your bathroom? Expansive bathrooms were popular back in the day, and this will depend on the size of the house. But if you live in a house where there is not enough space, this will leave you with a less than decent-sized bathroom. Savvy homeowners can make the most out of it. You might think that a bathroom this size has no hope. Bathroom Designs in Dallas will help you out with the design mapping.

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  • Make the surrounding areas float.

    Minimalist-type designs are ideal for less spacious bathrooms. Using floating vanities can add a certain flair in this area. If the floor spaces are noticeable, this will resemble a spacious room even though the site is cramped. This also works well with more ample rooms. Cleaning is more manageable, and you can easily navigate your way through. Storing toiletries is easier with this design; organizing is not a problem.

  • The right amount of light

    For small bathroom designs, a good amount of light is needed for grooming necessities. Certain types of light can also add aid in maximizing the function of your bathroom. White fluorescent lights with Color Rendering Index of 90 or above, this light is similar to daylight. Another way of adding good lighting would be using oversized windows to accommodate a good amount of light. With large windows, you can appreciate the details that you put in this area.

  • Glass shower screen

    A frameless glass shower screen is much better than your conventional shower curtain. Frameless glass patterns provide freedom of movement. This bathroom remodel ideas in dallas TX is popular among minimalist-type bathrooms, and cleaning is not a problem with this design.

  • Install large mirrors

    Oversized mirrors give an illusion of more expansive space in the bathroom. A tremendous amount of light bounces back into the room. But this does not apply to small toilets; consider installing mirrored cabinets. You can use it for grooming and storing your toiletries. Bathroom Designs in Dallas believes in simplistic designs for smaller toilets. If you don’t know how to utilize your bathroom space, organizing this area will be challenging.

  • Color combinations

    Using a set of colors can contribute to the mood in the bathroom. White colors help reflect light and contribute to good lighting. For having that spacious feeling, pastel colors are the way to go, and they also provide calming of your surrounding area. Combining plenty of colors is not a good idea. Use color wheels to guide you in the decision-making process.

    Using graphic prints can help contribute to the widening of the space in your bathroom. Flooring geometric patterns help stretch out your flooring. Don’t be afraid to use dark colors, as many people favor brighter colors. Charcoal or cacao color will look amazing in the powder room if combined with white colors that look good on white bathroom fixtures.

  • Be consistent with your materials in the bathroom.

    Having plenty of materials in the bathroom is disorganized, making your space busy and cramped. Inconsistent items that don’t go well can overstimulate your senses. Try using materials of consistent nature.

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Designing your bathroom is an exciting process. There is plenty of inspiration to draw from. You need a team of professionals who have the proper knowledge, skills, and experience for the job. Doing it on your own is also acceptable, so you know what to do. You can discuss your  ideas with us as we map out the distinct features of your bathroom. If you are looking for ideas for your bathroom, call us, and we are more than happy to give your bathroom the best makeover.

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