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Bathroom Cabinets Dallas TX - Various Bathroom Cabinet Styles

One of the most exciting activities involved in Bathroom Renewal Dallas TX is designing. To some homeowners, choosing bathroom cabinets is not as significant a task as selecting the perfect tub, sink, fixtures, and flooring. However, for the experts of Bathroom Cabinets Dallas, bathroom cabinets offer so much more in elevating the bathroom experience. Cabinets serve the dual purpose of beautifying the bathroom while improving its overall function.

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Bathroom cabinets come in various styles. Bathroom Cabinets Dallas offers 15 kinds.

  • Basic Wood

    These are the most common and traditional cabinets that offer a natural feel in the bathroom. These come in a variety of colors, stains, and types of wood.

  • Inset

    Inset cabinets are specialized cabinets that are customized to fit a cabinet frame. Due to the high level of craftsmanship required to create one, inset cabinets are among the higher-priced types of bathroom cabinets.

  • Distressed

    Distressed cabinets are perfect for shabby and chic farmhouse-style homes. The distressed look of this type of cabinet’s surface is achieved through a weathering technique.

  • Louvered

    These cabinets are designed with a slatted look. These slates are placed next to one another instead of the usual overlapping setup, providing a bit of airiness while creating a unique style.

  • Metal

    These cabinets can be placed in bathrooms that follow a retro or modern industrial theme.

  • Flat

    Flat-style cabinets are among one of the most popular types because of their versatility. The neat and clean lines they feature can go well with any decor.

  • Mirrored and Etched

    These cabinets have mirrors as cabinet fronts which help open up the space in the bathroom. These types are best placed in bathrooms with narrow spaces to give them a more airy and spacious feel. Choosing etched mirrors adds character to your area.

  • Stencil-patterned

    Stencil-patterned cabinets boost the personality, charm, and value of bathrooms of any style.

  • Beadboard

    On cabinets, beadboard creates a detailed look that is great for homes or bathrooms with country cottage, farmhouse, and eclectic themes.

  • Shutter Style

    Cabinet doors adorned to look like shutters add an outdoor and relaxed feel to a bathroom. These kinds of cabinets are great for homeowners who would like to add a bit of warmth and coziness to their bathrooms.

  • Shaker Style

    Shaker-style cabinets are simple and elegant, making them versatile. These cabinets are made with hardwood or veneer.

  • Lattice-patterned

    Lattice on cabinet doors gives the bathroom a fresh and outdoor garden or patio feel and charm.

  • Glass

    Glass cabinets double as storage space and display shelves. They offer a fresh, clean, and clean appearance for any bathroom.

  • Thermofoil

    Thermofoil cabinets are made from heating vinyl and fusing it to a piece of wood or particleboard. This type of cabinet’s surfaces are smooth, seamless, durable, and easy to maintain.

  • Custom Cabinets

    These cabinets, as their name implies, are designed to meet a client’s specific requirements. Since these are tailored to fit the customer’s preferences, these cabinets can be pricey.

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